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Produce and DJ remixes and mashups with your songs. Fadr AI handles synchronization - leaving all creative decisions to you.

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Pick a genre and press play. Use "S" to solo and "M" to mute instruments.

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Fadr Basic


Upgrade any music workflow with access to Fadr's remix technology.

Basic Stems

MP3 Downloads

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Fadr Plus




Unlock pro status with unparalleled access to Fadr's top tier of bleeding-edge music tech.

Pro Stems

WAV Downloads

Remix Editor

Voice Swap

Individual Drum Stems


Fadr Stems Plugin


Midi Detection

Individual Remix Tracks

Unlimited Storage

Concurrent Stems

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really use Fadr for free?

Yes, forever! We offer two plans, Fadr Basic which is free for life and Fadr Plus. With Fadr Basic, you make unlimited stems, remixes, and voice swaps with high quality MP3 downloads for free.

Fadr Plus is $10/mo or $100/yr and adds some pro features such as individual drum separation, our Fadr Stems plugin, lossless WAV downloads, and more. Learn more

How do I contact Fadr?

The best way to contact us is our contact form. If that's giving you trouble, send us an email at If all else fails, send us a DM on our Instagram.

Does Fadr take feature requests?

Seriously, we're not a bar band. But we do love requests. Send in your ideas to our contact form, and we will do our best to implement them.