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The V1.1 update is available!

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The Fadr Stems Plugin

Access the best AI stem separation on Earth from your DAW.

Sample any instrument

Never miss a sample because of other instruments playing. Fadr Stems lets you isolate any instrument from any song directly in your DAW.

Sample Any Instrument - Fadr Stems Plugin

Remaster live recordings

Revitalize iPhone or handheld mic recordings with ease. Fadr Stems uses AI to decompose any recording into a multitrack session.

Remaster Live Recordings - Fadr Stems Plugin

Level up your library

Ever wanted access to the sounds your favorite producers are using? Decompose tracks with Fadr Stems and reverse engineer the pro's sounds.

Level Up Your Library - Fadr Stems Plugin

Learn More

Read the Fadr Stems Plugin documentation for more info.

Fadr Stems is a VST audio plugin that allows you to extract stems of any song. Just drop it onto any track and record the track into Fadr Stems. It'll quickly separate stems and then you can mute, solo, and mix the vocals, bass, drums, and other stems.

Fadr Stems is available on both Mac and Windows. Fadr Stems works with all major DAWs and anything else that supports VST3.

You can drop Fadr Stems onto any track. Then, play through the track to record it into Fadr Stems. Your stems are quickly extracted in the cloud and saved. Then you can mute, solo, and mix the vocals, bass, drums, and other stems using the plugin window.

You can try Fadr Stems with a free Fadr account. After the trial, Fadr Stems is part of the Fadr Plus subscription, which costs $10 per month or $100 per year.

Fadr Plus includes the Fadr Stems plugin, individual drum stems in browser (kick, snare, and other), lossless WAV downloads, and much more.

You can cancel your Fadr Plus subscription at any time on your account page. Just click the tab called "Subscription" and click "Cancel".

All stems made on the Fadr Stems plugin will be saved locally on your computer, and will not be lost if you cancel your subscription. However, you need a subscription to continue making new stems.

Fadr Stems Beta Access

Beta access is currently available to Fadr Plus subscribers.
Download the plugin from your account page.

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