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SynthGPT by Fadr - Create Synths with Words

Meet SynthGPT

The world's first text to synth engine.

Create Anything

The current sound design process is long, difficult, and abstract. SynthGPT helps you make more creative sounds faster since itโ€™s controlled directly by your ideas.

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Craft Your Sound

SynthGPT allows you to curate a catalog of your favorite sounds you create, giving your productions a personal sound that listeners can identify.

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Made with SynthGPT

Every sound except for the drums was made with SynthGPT.

SynthGPT Beta Access

Join the beta and provide feedback as we develop the future of sound design.
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Read the SynthGPT guide for more info.

SynthGPT is a VST audio plugin that allows you to create playable instruments with text. Just describe the sound you would like and SynthGPT will give you 100 options to choose from.

You can download SynthGPT from your account page. Just navigate to the tab called "Plugins".

SynthGPT is being actively developed by Fadr Research Lab. SynthGPT is not perfect yet. However, by participating in the Beta, you will have access to the latest versions as the research progresses, and the opportunity to submit feedback and ideas that will shape the future of the technology.

SynthGPT is an ongoing project. Every few weeks, an updated version of SynthGPT will arrive with new feature and improvements. We'll try our best to keep you informed via email, your Fadr account page, and the SynthGPT settings page.

At the moment, SynthGPT's AI engine runs on Fadr's servers, and delivers a one shot to the plugin. The first update will radically improve SynthGPT's performance by introducing an AI engine that runs within the plugin. This will enable SynthGPT to intricately adapt its timbre to notes, rhythms, and dynamics in real time.

SynthGPT will also see updates such as:

  • Traditional controls for fine-tuning sounds
  • Text-controlled AI audio effects
  • Sound quality and diversity improvements
  • Audio prompt based synth sound creation

Additionally, you can help shape the future of SynthGPT by participating in the Beta and submitting your feedback and ideas.

SynthGPT works with all major DAWs and operating systems. SynthGPT is available in VST3 format on Windows and in both VST3 and Audio Unit format on Mac. At the moment, we support Macs running MacOS 10.10 Yosemite or greater.

SynthGPT Beta access is part of Fadr Plus, which costs $10 per month or $100 per year, and gives you access to Fadr's most powerful music technology. Learn more about Fadr Plus.

SynthGPT requires an internet connection for the initial login (once per device) and for sourcing new sounds. However, once your sound has loaded, you can use it forever without internet.

SynthGPT's sounds are like any other synthesizers sounds - royalty free.

At the moment, SynthGPT is 100% controlled by text. To fine-tune something you like, you can always add adjectives and modifiers like "dark" or "mellow". Additionally, we're actively researching new methods to fine-tune sounds created by SynthGPT for future updates.