How to Remaster Any Live Recording with AI Stems


Aug 12, 2022

Remastering live recordings can be a daunting task, but with Fadr's instrument separation AI and remixing editor, it can become a seamless process. Whether you're a musician, podcaster, or just looking to improve the quality of your live recordings, Fadr has got you covered.

Upload and Separate

Fadr's instrument separation AI allows you to separate the individual tracks of a live recording, giving you greater control over the mix. This means you can isolate vocals, drums, guitars, and other instruments to remix and rebalance the mix.

To start the process, upload your live recording to Fadr and use the instrument separation tool found on the Stems page to separate the individual tracks.

Fix and Remaster

Once you've separated the tracks, you can use Fadr's remix editor to rebalance the mix, remove unwanted background noise, and make other adjustments. Fadr's remix editor allows you to change the volume levels of each individual track, add effects, and stereo pan to achieve the perfect mix.

With Fadr, remastering live recordings has never been easier. Whether you're a professional musician or just looking to improve the quality of your live recordings, Fadr has the tools you need to achieve a professional-sounding mix. Sign up for Fadr today and take your live recordings to the next level!

Fadr allows you to extract the instruments, vocals, midi, and chords from any song, then use AI to create great remixes and mashups instantly. And best of all, its largely free for life, with a couple pro features saved for the premium subscription. Use the Stems Page to start uploading songs, and the Remix Page to try AI remixes!

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