June Remix Contest Winners


Jul 06, 2023

We are excited to announce the winners of our first remix contest! For the contest, the community created remixes of "The Ones" by Julien Earle.

There were so many great entries that it was hard to pick a winner, but a few remixes truly stuck out. Without further ado, here are your winners.

🥇 .NET RUN - $1000

.NET RUN's remix had insane sound design, arrangement, and creativity. It came from another planet, and we've never heard anything like it before.

Check out .NET RUN's profile.

🥈 offrails - $500

offrails's remix blew us away. It's got such a cool combination of retro and futuristic vibes. After a chill build up, it goes into one of the most head bumping drops we've ever heard.

Check out offrails' profile.

🥉 rezolekt - $250

rezolekt's remix is super unique. We love when the build up hits, and things instantly get groovy. The fast paced drop is killer, starting from the choppy lead in. Its got a great arrangement and lots of new vocal/synth chops that keep things interesting throughout.

Check out rezolekt's profile.