SynthGPT Guide


Jan 18, 2024

Welcome to the SynthGPT Guide. The SynthGPT Guide goes over all of the info you need to get started downloading, installing, and using SynthGPT. If you're new to SynthGPT and looking for help, this is a great place to start.

SynthGPT is a plugin that allows you to create any synth sound you can imagine with text inside of your DAW. Learn more about SynthGPT.

SynthGPT is currently available for Beta access to Fadr Plus subscribers. Learn more about Fadr Plus.




Download the SynthGPT plugin from your account page. You will need to choose the right format for your operating system and DAW. For Windows, VST3 should work across all major DAWs and programs. For Mac, some DAWs support VST3 and Audio Units (AU), while other DAWs support only one or the other. Your DAW's website will likely explain the best choice for you.


Install the plugin


Simply run the downloaded (VST3 or AU) installer and the installation will be handled for you. Once installed, if the plugin does not appear immediately, try scaning for new plugins in your DAW's settings menu.


To install the Fadr VST plugin, add the .vst3 (VST3) file to your DAW (this process varies across different DAWs). For most DAWs, you will simply need to copy and paste SynthGPT into the right folder on your computer. Your DAW will likely scan for new plugins when it opens. If not, you can usually scan for new plugins in your DAW's settings menu.


Describe a Sound

Load SynthGPT onto a track and open it. You will start on the Home page, where you enter new text prompts. Select the text input, describe a sound with text, and then press enter (return). Your text prompt will be sent to Fadr, where we will run our AI engine to create 100 sounds for you. Once the sounds are sent back to SynthGPT, you will be able to scroll through all 100 and find your favorite. You can also always change your text prompt and try again until you are happy.