November Remix Contest Winners


Dec 08, 2023

We are excited to announce the winners of our November Remix Contest! We gave away $2750 worth of prizes. For the contest, the community created remixes of "Reach" by Nesmith.

There were so many great entries that it was hard to pick a winner, but a few remixes truly stuck out. Without further ado, here are your winners.

🥇 Marasatoio - $1000

We had Marasatoio's remix playing on loop all week leading up to the livestream. It has great sound selection, arrangement, and creativity. The vibes are immaculate.

Check out Marasatoio's profile.

🥈 JosPereira x Lindsay - $500

JosPereira and Lindsay managed to pull off a Fadr remix contest first. Lindsay resang Reach with her jaw-dropping voice over top of new harmony and production provided by JosPereira. Recording quality vocals is not easy, and singers like Lindsay are few and far between.

Check out JosPereira's profile.

🥉 SLY - $250

We can safely say that SLY took the biggest risks of any remix entry we heard. It's got a never before heard combination of psych rock, grunge, and indie electronic music - not to mention a ripping guitar solo. It's a remix you hear once and never forget. We respect that.

Check out SLY's profile.